Avengers Assemble Great Themed Outfits

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The Avengers will be the largest movie of all time when everything is all said and done. That is almost guaranteed at this point. The thing that is surprising though is that the love for the movie from fans and artists and designers hasn't seemed to slow down one little bit. So when this stuff keeps coming out, and a great movie like the Avengers is still at the front of everyones mind, it can only make me smile!

Polyvore is continuing this tradition now, and has released a bunch of outfits that are styled after the Avengers. From the Hulk to Iron Man you can get a real sense of ho exactly they are styled after. The items in the outfits are all for sale individually and vary in price. The Captain America outfit for examples features a $13 top from Target and a $190 pair of shoes from John Lewis.

Captain America




Iron Man




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