This Autotuned Video Game-Inspired Mashup Is the Best Breakdown of the Political Conventions You're Likely to See

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When you boil it down, American politics kind of resemble an 8-bit video game, right? And whoever can mention Neil Armstrong the most receives space man power-ups, which can pave the way to victory. And don't forget about spousal elitist deflections.

That doesn't really make sense, I know that. But if you watch this amazing musical wrap up of the 2012 political conventions courtesy of The Gregory Brothers, you'll get it. Sure, Mitt Romney and President Obama differ on many core issues. But when it comes to buttering up the country during primetime, there really is no difference. The play is the same from both candidates.

"Sometimes these stringent scorekeeping rules result in eerily similar speeches from both sides of the political arena. It can be tough to tell who loves America the most. To help the novice political spectator more easily follow the score of Obama vs. Romney, we’ve tracked it for you in this video Op-Doc, using state-of-the-art video gaming technology. And music. Though we can’t yet know who will win in November, we hope this Op-Doc provides you with some insight into how the game is played," they say.

Check out the best breakdown of the RNC and DNC you're likely to see:

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