AutoTrader Adds More Social Features To Connect Dealers Online

Social Media

Share this Post said today it has launched Connections Bundle, which integrates social media, chat, and dealer ratings into the site to create more ways for people to connect with dealers online.

The chat feature alerts people when a dealer is available with a link appearing on the vehicle listing that prompts the user to start a chat session.




Social connections allows dealers to connect with car shoppers via social networking by creating links to their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Dealer ratings allows dealers to highlight independent and third-party reviews to mange their online reputation.

Sitelink advanced is a graphic button that improves the visibility of the dealers website link on a vehicle listing page.

"At, our goal is to connect buyers and sellers, and we're always working to enhance those connections," said President and CEO Chip Perry.

"Dealers invest significant resources in telling their stories online — from creating compelling websites and social media presences to ensuring that customers have positive experiences to share.  The Connections Bundle offers dealers multiple ways to merge information from across the Web and interact with their prospects online.”