Automattic Purchases Texts Messaging Platform

Automattic, the company behind WordPress, has purchased messaging platform Texts in a bet on the future of messaging....
Automattic Purchases Texts Messaging Platform
Written by Matt Milano
  • Automattic, the company behind WordPress, has purchased messaging platform Texts in a bet on the future of messaging.

    Texts’ motto is “all of your messages in one inbox.” The platform allows users to receive texts from all the various services you use in a single app. What’s more, the platform promises that your “your messages never touch the Texts servers,” uses end-to-end encryption, and charges a subscription rather than profiting from your data. This adds a layer of security and privacy that some competing services can’t match.

    According to a post on Automattic’s site, the company has purchased Texts, seeing it as the perfect compliment to its other services:

    How many times have you lost track of an online conversation, even accidentally ghosting someone because you couldn’t remember where it was happening? Between iMessage, WhatsApp, Instagram, Signal, Discord, and others, you’ve probably found yourself swiping between apps on a regular basis just to find your various chat threads. Frankly, with “appnesia” on the rise, we’re amazed we have any friends left.

    There may not be an official word for it, but there is an answer: All your messages in a single place—truly the one inbox to rule them all. And today, we’re thrilled to announce that is joining the Automattic family.

    Automattic sees messaging as integral to the future of the web, and Texts will play a major role in that future. The WordPress maker has brought the entire Texts team onboard to help ensure a smooth transition and a bright future:

    In 2005, Automattic started as a publishing platform with; in 2015, the acquisition of WooCommerce added a commerce solution to those publishing tools; 2019’s addition of Tumblr brought a new suite of advertising tools to the company’s bench. Now, with the acquisition of, Automattic moves into a fourth market that’s integral to the modern web experience: messaging. founder Kishan Bagaria joins Automattic as the company’s new Head of Messaging; the rest of the fully distributed team is staying on and working in earnest to bring the desktop app to mobile devices.

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