Auburn Threat: Possible Violence Cancels Classes At University

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School officials cancelled classes Wednesday at Auburn University after an unsubstantiated threat was found on campus, police told FoxNews.

The explanation for the closing is “due to continued student and parent anxiety,” according to The Plainsman, the student news outlet.

Although local police and other authorities do not believe that the threat is credible, they are taking no chances considering the violence that has occurred at other schools. An AU alert sent out via email this morning to students at 7:11 am informed them of the class closures. Though classes are cancelled, police are patrolling the university.

The threat entailed writing on a men's room wall near the library, found Tuesday and claiming “unleash a rampage of Biblical proportion.” The message indicated that violence would occur on April 16, 2014, seven years to the day after the mass shooting at Virginia Tech, which claimed 33 lives.

Posts circulating on social media show what appears to be handwritten threat of a campus "rampage."

The threat read as follows: "To whom it may concern, April 16, 2014... I will unleash a rampage of Biblical proportion across this tiny campus...You have been warned!!"

Further information is not available, however, updates expected tonight and tomorrow am.

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