AT&T Unlocking iPhones For Deployed Military Personnel

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Last week we learned that AT&T was going to start unlocking off-contract iPhones once the initial 2-year contracts customers’ sign up for expire. This is big news because you would be able to use the unlocked phone on any supporting network worldwide without jail breaking your phone.

Now it has come out on the Apple Insider blog that AT&T will now offer servicemen and women stationed overseas the ability to unlock their iphones. This is big news becasue for a long time the United States Joint Command has discussed using iPhones in the field and last year they launched an app store with 13 specially developed apps for their soldiers.

The company stipulates that customer accounts must be in good standing, not be associated with a current and active term commitment and fulfilled their contract term, upgraded or paid an early termination fee. The new policy is a good one from AT&T as the current law only states that a carrier has to suspend an account to a deployed soldier until they return with no penalty to the deployed personnel. You can see the email from AT&T below:

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