AT&T Shuttering Its DSL Service

AT&T has announced it is shuttering its DSL service, in a move that may leave hundreds of thousands without reliable internet access.

AT&T has been increasingly moving away from DSL toward faster fiber connections. Unfortunately, according to a report, less than 30 percent of households in its market area are covered by the company’s fiber service. To make matters worse, according to Ars Technica, the company has previously said its fiber rollout is largely done, leaving little hope the remaining 70 percent of customers will receive the upgrade.

As a result of the current situation, DSL remains an important type of broadband connection for millions of Americans, as it relies on copper phone lines for transmission. Despite its important, however, USA Today is reporting the company stopped taking new customers as of October 1.

“We’re beginning to phase out outdated services like DSL and new orders for the service will no longer be supported after October 1,” read a corporate statement USA Today gained access to. “Current DSL customers will be able to continue their existing service or where possible upgrade to our 100% fiber network.”

While the company says existing customers will be able to continuing using the service, it remains to be seen if that means indefinitely or just until AT&T moves on to the next phase of its DSL shutdown.

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