AT&T Puts Up Their Own iPad 3 Teaser

IT Management

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Yesterday we told you that Verizon had put a teaser for the iPad 3 (iPad HD) on their website. Now it looks like AT&T is following suit.

The banner on AT&T's website this morning promises "an exciting new addition to our line-up" coming soon. It also includes a box where you can put in your email address so that you can "be the first to know about the news."

Of course, AT&T's site doesn't actually say that their new addition is the iPad 3, but unless there are any other companies planning major events to unveil highly anticipated products today, it's a safe bet that they're talking about the iPad 3.

Now, if you don't want to give AT&T your email address, you can stick around right here for all our iPad coverage, including coverage of Apple's launch event when it happens, today at 10 AM Pacific time, 1 PM Eastern.