AT&T Increases Data Caps For Prepaid Plans

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AT&T has announced that they are raising the data caps on some of their data plans. Under the new caps, the same amount of money will get you twice the data. Now, before all you iPhone owners get your hopes up, you should know: it's only for their GoPhone prepaid plans.

With the new caps, the $25 package will now get you up to 1GB of data usage, the $15 package will get you 200MB, and the $5 will get you 50MB. All three packages are available with both the $50 Unlimited Text & Talk nationwide GoPhone plan and the $25 Unlimited Text with 250 minutes nationwide plan.

These new data plans are scheduled to go into effect on April 22nd, however they're currently listed as available on AT&T's website. The GoPhone program allows customers to chose from one four contract-free pay-as-you-go plans. The selection of phones is pretty broad, but mostly focused on feature phones (i.e., not smartphones). There are a handful of Android-based smartphones available, however, including the HTC Freestyle and the Samsung Captivate. Unlike a smartphone you get with a contract, though, the prices of these phones are not subsidized, which means that if you want a Captivate with your GoPhone plan, you'll have to fork over $449.99 to get it.

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