AT&T Grandfathered 3G iPads Missing Promised Unlimited Option

AT&T has screwed up again and it's impacting tens of thousands of people who ordered iPads before June 7th in order to be offered the unlimited bandwidth option. These unlimited grandfathered i...
AT&T Grandfathered 3G iPads Missing Promised Unlimited Option
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  • AT&T has screwed up again and it’s impacting tens of thousands of people who ordered iPads before June 7th in order to be offered the unlimited bandwidth option. These unlimited grandfathered iPads started arriving today, but when you go to the AT&T signup screen it only shows limited bandwidth plan options.


    Update: Go to Apple’s iPad support forum to complain. Apple itself remains silent on this issue. Many feel the fact they were promised unlimited bandwidth and the only way to get it is to be on hold for hours with AT&T is a massive misrepresentation of services and that both Apple and AT&T should address this issue immediately without requiring a phone call. Some posters speculate that this is purposeful by AT&T in order to cause people to just settle for limited bandwidth even though they specifically ordered their iPad by June 6 in order to get unlimited bandwidth as advertised.

    Here is a hopeful post in the forum …


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    Posted: Jun 23, 2010 6:23 AM    in response to: azurebluedolphin
    After 79 min, 33s…. I finally got through!!!!!! All was taken care of in probably 3 minutes. The woman was VERY nice as everyone has said. Yes, this is a MESS but if you are patient, AND I DO MEAN PATIENT, they are very friendly and remember they are only working FOR the company, it is not their fault. Like everyone has posted, have your IMEI and ICCID numbers ready and they should be able to set you up quickly. Also, it did help to have already activated the 3G (which I had for the 2GB), so it took less time to set up. There is the 10 day waiting period, which they will call or email. Good luck everyone!!!!!! 



    Apple Sells a million iPadsThousands of people ordered by June 6th specifically to be grandfathered into the unlimited bandwidth plan as promised by AT&T. WebProNews ordered four iPads on June 6th to get the unlimited bandwidth option from AT&T before it expired. But surprise … it’s not one of the options. It doesn’t mean that AT&T won’t eventually provide it to grandfathered customers, but I wonder how many will end up settling for metered bandwidth because of this fopaux!

    WebProNews spoke with an AT&T service representative who told us to call another AT&T support number which would be able to help. Unfortunately, expect delays on hold for up to two hours. We have not verified that a fix to the problem is being offered but one AT&T service person assured us a fix was available via their main support number: 866-640-5125 

    AT&T’s rep also stated that Apple would be soon sending an email on how to fix this problem. Apple’s iPad support forum indicates that some customers were able to buy the unlimited plan after calling AT&T support:

    i got through about 20 minutes ago, it’s all good now.

    My wait time was 1 hour and 57 minutes… but they were fast and efficient once I got them on the phone.

    it took about 5 minutes on the phone and I signed up for the plan while robert was on the phone.

    just wait forever, get a speakerphone your gonna need it.. 


    Yeah, just finished waiting on the phone for 2 hours 18 minutes. The rep was a nice guy and explained everything to me. 

    He had me sign up for the 2gb plan (via iPad) during the call. From there he pulls up my information on his side and does whatever he is suppose to. He also reassured me that if I go over my 2gb plan (him saying,"which I doubt you will") they will refund the excess amount that they charge you, this is assuming that you’ve been approved through their (ATT & Apple’s) system.

    Make sure you call the number: 18666405125 – iPad activations 



    I purchased my ipad on 06/05/10. I received it yesterday. As soon as I realized the unlimited was not an option we drove to the AT&T store. They did not know how to assist. We called Apple via the 866 number on the Order Confirmation email. After about a 40 min wait, the Apple associate assisted us by putting us on hold again. lol Actually he was calling AT&T. After about another 30 min he told us he talked to 4 AT&T associates and gave us this number.


    I called it today. I was on the phone for about 1hr 20 min. EXPECT a long wait. They did answer. I told them when I purchased and that the unlimited is not listed. The associate understood explained to me that because AT&T is no longer offering it they can’t put it on that list or anyone could add it. She said they have to go in the back way and change the account. She took my name, 2 phone number, email, IMEI # (under Settings > General > About), and ICCID # (same location). She would have done more for me at that time but I could not sign on for the 2G $25.99 plan since I was not near WIFI. She said once I am to sign in and add the 2G so they can come in the back way and change to unlimited. It is supposed to take 10 days and they respond via email. She said if I have connectivity issues to contact AT&T at 800-331-0500. If I have ipad issues to contact Apple at 800-275-2273. She also warned that if I do not pay for unlimited every month that I will lose it. This will grandfather me in but if I lose it than it is gone. She told me to remember to update my information if my credit card changes since that will cause me to miss a payment.

    Hope this helps! 


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