AT&T Galaxy S III Finally Gets Jelly Bean

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It's been a long time coming, but the Galaxy S III is finally getting its Jelly Bean update across most carriers. Sprint was the first US-based carrier to deliver the update. The other major carriers were left out, but it looks like the update is finally coming around starting with AT&T.

Samsung announced that the Jelly Bean update for the AT&T Galaxy S III is now available via Kies. There is no OTA update so you'll have to connect the device to your Mac or PC to get the update. Aside from the update to Jelly Bean, the Galaxy S III will also be getting the following features and improvements:

  • Home screen mode is added.
  • Blocking mode is added.
  • Swype is added
  • Music Hub is added.
  • Setting menu is modified.
  • Quick panel UI is updated.
  • Facebook support is updated.
  • It's also noted that any custom APNs will be deleted during the update. You can easily reconfigure any custom APNs after the update by selecting the Access Point Names option under Mobile Networks.

    If you have yet to grab Kies, you can get it here. Just install the software and sync your device with it to grab the update.

    Unfortunately, the Verizon Galaxy S III still does not have the update. Droid-Life reports that currents rumors peg the update as coming on December 14, but it's still a rumor until Verizon or Samsung spill the beans. In any case, it should be out before the end of the year.