Atomic Wedgie Murder: Ex-Marine Kills Stepfather With Underwear

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Oklahoma police say a man killed his stepfather when he performed an "atomic wedgie" on him.

So what is an atomic wedgie?

Definition: (noun) A prank in which a person's underpants are pulled up sharply from behind up to the shoulders or higher, in order to wedge the clothing uncomfortably between the person's buttocks.

Atomic wedgie illustrated below.


Brad Davis, 33, was arrested and charged with first degree murder when Denver Lee St. Clair’s body was found in his home with the waistband of his underwear pulled over his head and tied around his neck.

The former U.S. Marine claimed that he carried out the murder after his stepfather used  derogatory language against his mother after a night of drinking.  He also told the police that his stepfather tried to attack him and he administered the wedgie in self-defense.

St. Clair, 58, died from an impact to the head and suffocation, authorities said.

Investigators have said that they believe the scene of crime was altered by the accused to make it look like there was a fight before he made an emergency call on December 21.

“We continued our investigation and uncovered evidence that led us to believe that this was more than just a fight,” said Sheriff Booth.

St. Clair was under a permanent protective order filed by Tressia St. Clair, his wife. Mrs. St. Clair said she filed the order because Mr. St. Clair had physically abused her in the past. In 2004 and 2010, she wife filed for a divorce but her attempts were dismissed. Tressia St. Clair again filed for the divorce last year.

Main image via YouTube and wedgie image via Wikipedia

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