Atlanta Shootings: Possible Suspect in Custody

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Five people, four of them students, were shot by a gunman near the campus of Therrell High School in Southwest Atlanta on Tuesday afternoon around 4:00 p.m.

The gunman opened fire on a group of approximately 20 people, each attempting to run away. Four were shot in the lower body, one was shot in the chest. As of this evening, one victim has been released and the others are said to be in stable condition at Grady’s Marcus Trauma Center.

Though the shooting did not happen on campus, the 900-student high school was placed on lockdown an all after-school activities were canceled. An announcement was made on Twitter.

An unidentified witness said that the gunman reached into his waistband and said he was going to "mess this (expletive) up" before he started shooting.

"I knew something was going to happen," said the 11th grade student. "I was expecting a giant fight. I wasn't expecting gun shots."

Other witnesses close by said that they ran outside when they heard shots fired.

"Two were laying on the ground, a female and a male were put into an ambulance," Ricky Johnson said. "They were moving, but that's why I didn't think it was life threatening. But, the paramedics were working on them."

Now officers are said to have a possible suspect in custody after he turned himself in.

“Investigators are actively working this case and are speaking with a possible suspect,” Officer John Chafee wrote in a statement.

It is still not known if the shooter is a student at Therrell High School or what the motive was, but investigators are currently working on several leads.

Kimberly Green with Atlanta Public Schools has said that extra security will be added on Therrell's campus for the rest of the year.

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