Asus To Take On iPad With Google OS

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Google and Apple have clashed a number of times in recent months, and a Taiwanese hardware manufacturer is poised to ensure that the two companies butt heads yet again.  Asus has indicated that it will challenge the iPad with a tablet PC powered by either Android or Chrome OS.

Google AndroidElizabeth Woyke talked to Asus chairman Jonney Shih and reported afterward, "Shih said one Asus tablet will likely run Google software, such as the upcoming open-source operating system, Chrome, or the mobile operating system, Android."

"There will be an Apple camp, but Asus always tries to address the open camps of Google and Microsoft," Shih explained.  He also stated, "Content will play a very important role on tablets.  The Google tablet will have a lot of media."

Considering that Android is doing rather well against the iPhone (the most recent AdMob report puts their U.S. market shares at 42 percent and 44 percent, respectively), this could be a smart move for Asus.  For Google, too.  It just seems certain that Google's relationship with Apple will suffer as a result.

We'll see what happens.  The new tablet PCs from Asus should debut sometime this year, and probably sooner rather than later.