Assassin's Creed III Action Figures Will Come With DLC Codes

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McFarlane Toys this week announced that it is partnering with Ubisoft to release Assassin's Creed III-branded figurines.

The first set of the collectibles will include seven different figures, including Connor, Haytham Kenway. Two different Connor figures are being made, one with the character in the traditional assassin cloaks and one with the character in his Ratonhnhaké:ton outfit from the upcoming "The Tyranny of King Washington" DLC add-on.

There is no date set for when the figures will be released, but the prototypes for the items will be on display at the International Toy Fair next week. The toys will be be around six inches tall and will have "an average of 25 points of articulation." They will cost $15 to $16 and will be found at most toy retailers throughout North America, South America, and Australia.

The figures will also come with a code that provides "exclusive" Assassin's Creed video game content, such as weapons and character outfits.

"We're always looking to raise the bar with our figures, and Ubisoft has been a great partner to help make that happen," said Todd McFarlane, CEO of McFarlane Toys. "These will be the first McFarlane Toys to include integration with the game itself. Our Assassin's Creed figures will include codes that unlock unique content in game - things like new weapons, clothing colors, or other customization options. Features like this reward the hardcore fans who buy the figures, and give collectors some added value."

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