Ashton Kutcher's Two and a Half Men Role: Internet Mogul

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Ever since Charlie Sheen was dumped from his hit CBS show Two and a Half Men for certain...indiscretions, and Ashton Kutcher was unveiled as his replacement, people have been wondering how the transition would work.

How would Sheen's character get the axe? Would they explain his absence with a move, perhaps a death? In June, reports emerged that show creator Chuck Lorre planned to kill of Sheen's character, Charlie Harper. One rumor was that they might hurl his car off a cliff.

People have also been wondering how the writers will work Kutcher into the show. How can they explain his unexpected and immediate presence? It was clear that Kutcher would play a unique character, not simply take over the role of Charlie Harper. But other than that, we haven't known much.

Until now. While she wouldn't comment on Sheen's exit from the show, CBS entertainment chief Nina Tassler has explained what we can expect from Kutcher's character this season.

Kutcher is set to play Walden Schmidt, an "internet billionaire with a broken heart."

First day on the new job RT @deidralac: Two and Half Man Sep 19th 2 days ago via Flipboard · powered by @socialditto

Sounds about right, don't you think? Kutcher is best known these days as a man of the internets. Not only is he one of the princes of Twitter, but he has launched a YouTube campaign against human sex-slave trafficking, invested in Airbnb, and even launched his own branded Twitter application.

Tassler went on to discuss the future of the show. According to Reuters she said, "I don't know necessarily that those viewership ratings numbers will be where they once were, but in time I think they will do very well."

She also complimented Kutcher as a "talented, funny, gifted actor" and in a possible dig at Charlie Sheen, referred to Kutcher as "extremely professional."

Kutcher will film his first episode for the new Two and a Half Men on Friday. That episode will air on September 19th.

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