Ashton Kutcher's Twin Says He Will Be A Great Father

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The Kutcher family has had a lot going on lately. Along with Ashton Kutcher's recent engagement to Mila Kunis and their pregnancy announcement, Ashton's sister Tausha is pregnant and his twin brother Michael just recently married.

While at the Harboring Hearts 2nd Annual Summer Soiree in New York City, US Weekly caught up with Michael to chat with him about his family, and he revealed that he thinks Ashton and Mila are going to be great parents to his niece or nephew.

"My sister and Ashton are both expecting—it's so exciting for the whole family!" Michael said. "Ashton and Mila are so excited to be parents. I have a 9-year-old myself, and a 4-year-old, and there's a 16-year-old in the family," he added. "We're so excited to expand the cousins of the new generation."

Michael explained that they already have a huge family and everyone is excited to be adding to it with his soon-to-be sister-in-law and two nieces or nephews. "My mom comes from an Irish Catholic background. She has 10 brothers and sisters, so we have a huge extended family. They're all around the same area," he explained.

"I don't really know. Obviously we have to hold some of that stuff close to the vest, but it's going to be amazing," Michael said when asked if the entire family would be attending the Two and Half Men star's wedding. "I mean, I love Mila."

"Those two reunited after 14 years, and I think they were meant to be," he added of the couple who met on the set of That 70s Show. "It'd be like Ross and Rachel getting married [Friends], like David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston getting married!"

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