Ashton Kutcher Twitter Account Hacked, Tweets Promoted in Search

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There's a lot of big news in celebrity Twitter-use this week. First Charlie Sheen joined Twitter and captured the attention of the much of the web (attention that continues  today). Now, Ashton Kutcher, one of Twitter's biggest celebrity stars has had his Twitter account hacked. 

According to Marshall Kirkpatrick at ReadWriteWeb, the person who took over Kutcher's account from the TED conference. 

The most recent tweets from Kutcher's account say:

Ashton, you've been Punk'd. This account is not secure. Dude, where's my SSL?less than a minute ago via web

P.S. This is for those young protesters around the world who deserve not to have their Facebook & Twitter accounts hacked like this. #SSLless than a minute ago via web

It's interesting that Twitter would go so far as to promote a tweet from a hacked account. If you go to the #SSL hashtag (a Twitter search), one of the tweets shows up as a "top tweet". Twitter has to know about it. It's been picked up by Techmeme

Ahston Kutcher Hacked Tweet Being Promoted in Twitter Search

Kutcher currently has 6,395,786 followers on Twitter. It was only less than two years ago, when he reached his widely publicized first million followers. A little over a month later, Kutcher threatened to delete his Twitter account following the announcement of a TV show that would have normal people competitively stalking celebrities (via a Twitter partnership). Obviously that didn't happen.  

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