Ashton Kutcher: Diet Like Steve Jobs' Put Me In Hospital

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Actor Ashton Kutcher, who plays the role of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in the film jOBS, told reporters after the film's Sundance premiere, that he was hospitalized for two days before the movie started shooting. He reportedly said (via TV Guide) that he had adopted the "fruitarian diet" that Jobs was known to have lived on (as documented in Walter Isaacson's biography of Jobs), and that it led to him spending two days in the hospital.

Last week, the first clip from the film hit the web. In case you missed it, you can see it again here. It features Kutcher and co-star Josh Gad, who plays Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, discussing Wozniak's operating system, planting the seeds (pun semi-intended) for what would become Apple.

It should be noted that the real Wozniak has already made comments about the scene saying it didn't happen that way, but it is, after all, a movie.

The film itself has received mixed reviews so far, but that's to be expected from any film, let alone any film documenting the life of the controversial Steve Jobs.

Kutcher and Gad are set to appear at MacWorld/iWorld this week to talk about their experiences playing Jobs and Wozniak respectively. My guess is that we'll hear more about Kutcher's diet and hospitalization when that happens. They'll speak on the main stage on Thursday.

jOBS hits theaters on April 19.

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