Ashley Monroe Is On The Rise, Earns Praises From Country Music Greats

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Country singer Ashley Monroe may be young but the way she makes music is  proof that she has an old soul.

In her younger years, Monroe would always get emotional listening to country music by iconic singers like Dolly Parton and Vince Gill.

Today, the two iconic country singers are amazed by the soul she puts into her music. In fact, Gill had met the young singer when she was 15. Recently, he co-produced her latest album, The Blade.

"I said, 'How does a kid this young have that depth to write songs?'" said Gill, who was clearly enchanted. "It was like she was born to write novels. It was captivating from note one, from the first songs I heard."

For Monroe, working with Gill helped her strive to become as good as the singers she looks up to. Monroe said that she gets “a lot of pressure” when she sings in front of Gill. But she claims it is a good kind of pressure because it makes her work harder.

The young star also revealed she was flattered when country veteran Dolly Parton told her that they have a lot in common. Even ex-couple, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert both showed support for their fellow country musician’s album release.

Over the years, Ashley Monroe has proven her versatility as she can interpret, with mastery, other musical genre like pop and jazz. She admits that because she listens to all kinds of music, she is not afraid to be influenced by other styles.

Singer-songwriter Chris Stapleton who wrote captivating hits for Luke Bryan and other singers, also praised Monroe for continuously honing her talent. He said that there is something natural about the way she makes music.

He praised Monroe saying, "She's one of those people that is just kind of made out of music."

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