Ashley Madison Hack Reveals Jaw-Dropping Number Of Cheaters In Canada's Capital City

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Approximately 20 perecent of the population of Canada’s capital city is registered on the internet’s current center of controversy, Ashley Madison. is a website whose main clients are married individuals seeking affairs.

“Life is short. Have an affair,” is the site’s slogan.

Ottawa has a population of approximately 883,000 people and 189,810 of them are registered users to the site. Avid Life Media, a Toronto-based company, owns the adulterer website. This makes the capital city number 1 for philanderers in Canada and potentially the highest globally per capita.

“This volume of instant terror and pain was not previously possible in human history. Our privacy is gone. Desire, of course, remains,” says Heather Mallick, a columnist, at

But questions were raised over the accuracy of the subscription data.

ALM experienced a huge hack just this week from a group of hackers called Impact Team. The hack exposed 37 million users’ data. The group aims to take Ashley Madison and its sister site down.

“Cheating dirtbags who deserve no discretion,” is what the group calls the clients of the uber-for-adulterers website. According to reports, the hack may have been an inside job.

Apparently, Ottawa’s lawmakers, civil servants, and politicians are the ones having a hard time in avoiding infidelity. Reuters reported “the most-registered postal code in the city represented Parliament Hill, the seat of power in the country.”

“Power, fame, and opportunity” probably are the reasons for the infidelity of residents in the city, ALM CEO Noel Biderman reasoned. He recently admitted earlier this year that “capital cities usually top subscription rates for the adulterous service.”

The Sleepy City’s residents seem to think otherwise saying that the reason is a whole lot simpler – “everyone is just bored out of their minds.”

“Why do you think everyone goes to Montreal to have a good time?” a respondent told Reuters.

“Ottawa is the city fun forgot.”

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