Ashley Judd Stars In Former "Cosby Show" Writer's New Film

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Ashley Judd wowed audiences in Divergent earlier this year, and her latest project is Big Stone Gap, a film based on a book by the same name which was written by former Cosby Show writer Adriana Trigiani. The film is getting some attention this week due to several rape allegations brought against the comedian by women who have known him or worked with him over the years.

While Judd hasn't commented on the recent rape allegations leveled against Cosby, Whoopi Goldberg also stars in the film and has been a vocal advocate for the comedian, which has reportedly caused problems on the set of The View.

“Until you know if it’s true, it’s an allegation. That’s what it is," Goldberg reportedly said.

Judd recently shared her workout secrets with Jimmy Kimmel after the talk show host brought up a photo of her at a county fair, and she said that while she's a food lover, she does have to stay in shape. The 46-year old actress said she relies on Zumba, which mixes dance and aerobics.

"It is all about shaking your butt -- it's dancing and embarrassingly old-school aerobics. I just like to wiggle," she said.

While she works hard to keep her body in shape, she did admit to a love of treats and said she often indulged while on the set of Divergent because they offered up some of the best donuts around.

"They had great donuts -- Do-Rite donuts in Chicago. They are very difficult to find these days. It has an interesting crumb around the edge and they use valrhona chocolate. I had a donut by my chair when shooting and thought about it all day, but when we wrapped, someone had eaten it!" she said.

Big Stone Gap also stars Patrick Wilson and Jane Krakowski.

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