Ashley Greene Marries Elvis in 'Shangri-La Suite'


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Ashley Greene marries Elvis Presley in her upcoming film Shangri-La Suite.

In the movie, Greene plays Elvis’s former wife, Priscilla Presley; the couple were married from 1967-1973. Office Space and Boardwalk Empire star Ron Livingston takes on the role of “the King” Elvis. The film is set in 1974, a year after Priscilla and Elvis’s divorce. From pictures taken while filming Shangri-La Suite, it appears that the movie will depict the amicable relationship that the couple maintained after the end of their marriage. However, Elvis and Priscilla’s marriage won’t be the focus of this film, because they are only supporting characters in Shangri-La Suite; this isn’t a biopic. Instead, the film is a fictionalized account of two twenty-somethings who decide to kill Elvis.

Emily Browning and Luke Grimes, as Karen and Jack, lead the kill Elvis mission. Yahoo Movies describes their characters as a mixture between Bonnie and Clyde and Mickey (Woody Harrelson) and Mallory (Juliette Lewis) Knox from Natural Born Killers. Jack and Karen meet and fall in love at a mental institution. After the pair’s release, they set off to fulfill Jack’s destiny to kill the king. Along the way, their friend Teijo, played by Twisted star Avan Jogia, joins them on their quest. Teijo has his own mission: he wants to undergo gender reassignment surgery.

Eddie O’Keefe wrote the screenplay for Shangri-La Suite with Chris Hutton. The film is O’Keefe’s directorial debut.

Greene’s last major film project was Kickstarter funded Wish I Was Here. This film is produced, written, and directed by Scrubs star Zach Braff.  Wish I Was Here’s cast also includes Josh Gad, Jim Parsons, Kate Hudson, Donald Faison, and Mandy Patinkin. The movie premiered at Sundance in January of this year.

Besides Wish I Was Here and Shangri-La Suite, Green has several film projects in post-production this year: Burying the Ex, Random, and Staten Island Summer.

Shangri-La Suite has yet to set a release date.

Image via Ashley Green, Twitter