Arrested Development Production Restarts Today

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It's been almost an entire year since Mitchell Hurwitz announced that Arrested Development would be getting new episodes and a movie. Fans of the show have been hearing rumors of that sort for years, so many took an "I'll believe it when it happens" approach to the news.

Today those fans can finally relax and begin to look forward to a new season of Arrested Development. Deadline Hollywood is reporting that production of the new Arrested Development episodes begins today. The entire cast of the show will be back, including Ron Howard as narrator. The new season will debut all at once sometime in 2013 on Netflix, though there is no exact release date yet.

The new season of Arrested Development will provide an update on what has been happening to the Bluth family since the end of the original series. Deadline reports that each of the 10 episodes of the new season will follow one member of the Bluth clan. Of course, the main cast of the series consists of only 9 characters. Who the 10th episode will feature is anyone's guess. Could it be Oscar? Ann? Steve Holt? Annyong? My guess is that it will be a collaborative episode that leads into the movie.

When Arrested Development debuted on Fox in 2003, it received critical acclaim, but failed to garner significant ratings. Still, the series was able to limp along for three seasons thanks to the multiple Emmy Awards it received. The show's popularity only really took off after it was cancelled. DVD sales of the show were substantial, and the series can now be found on nearly every streaming video service available, including Hulu and Netflix.

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