Arrested Development "ALIVE" Says Ron Howard, And It Looks Like They Have A Lot Of Ideas

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It seems like forever ago that we heard the news we've all been waiting forever to hear: Arrested Development is back, baby! Well, it's coming time. Oh hell, they're making new episodes everybody just shut up and be patient.

About six months passed before we heard the even-better news. Not only will the new season of the show debut on Netflix, but all ten episodes will be hitting Netflix at the same time. No waiting week-to-week, no Bluthian cliffhangers - just one giant marathon of new episodes for your viewing pleasure. Perfect.

Show creator Mitch Hurwitz spilled that information on the new season at a broadcasters' convention in Las Vegas. He also talked about the structure of the show, and how production was set to kick off this summer.

Well, it's the summer. And where is the production you say?

All I can give you is news that the writers are hard at work. Really hard at work judging by the amount of post-its blanketing the writer's room.

That's because Ron Howard, who you may know as the show's narrator (among other things), tweeted this on Tuesday evening:


And please don't forget - a movie is also on the way.

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