Arrested 396 Times: Woman Gets Noticed By Judge

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A Chicago woman who has been arrested nearly 400 times since 1978 will finally get a mental health evaluation and undergo treatment for alcohol abuse in compliance with a deal struck by a Judge.

Shermain Miles has been booked for public drunkenness, armed robbery, trespassing, and an alleged attack on Alderman James Cappleman, among other things. She has become well-known among community law enforcement members for her erratic behavior, such as shrieking from her holding cell. But after years of being passed through the system only to be released on the streets again, a judge decided to break the cycle and offer her help.

“All of us are reaching out to you and offering you, maybe for the first time in your life, a hand, OK?” Judge Peggy Chiampas said. “But you’ve got to reach out and grab all of our hands as well.”

Miles has taken the plea deal after serving time for committing her most recent crimes while on parole. As of now, she's at Logan Correctional Center, and her case is being reviewed pending completion of the plea bargain agreement.

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