Arnold Schwarzenegger Note to Fan with Dementia Goes Viral [Pic]

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is bringing smiles to faces all around. The Original Terminator was tagged in a recent Reddit post by a fan, who was then shocked and elated that his idol not only answered him back, but sent along a hand-written note for the man's father.

"Terminator 2 was the first movie I saw with my dad in a movie theater," the poster explained. "From then on we saw a bunch of movies together along the years, including all the terminator movies until now, it was our franchise. We both loved it and shared some great conversations with those movies. My dad loved Arnold's catchphrase "I'll be back" and he would just rewind it every time. I have only my dad to thank for my love for movies, it's one of those things we always shared together."

The post went on to explain how the man's father has since developed dementia, and does not respond much to almost anything. That is, until he and his son went to see Arnold Schwarzenegger in the new Terminator: Genisys film.

During the whole movie I was actually surprised to see my dad enjoying it, not because it was this amazing film we never seen before but because for MONTHS he hasn't smile, he used to be a very happy man and always had a big smile on his face. I know it may sound dumb but it felt like a miracle!

"I looked at my dad and he has this huge smile on his face when he saw Arnold smiling...that's when I lost it and began to cry (out of joy), I haven't seen that genuine smile for so long. It was literally the best birthday present I could ever get."

Then came the biggest surprise. Schwarzenegger responded to the man's Reddit post with:

"Wow. I'm in Korea on a whirlwind tour but you stopped me in my tracks. This is so touching. Thank you for sharing. I'd like to say 'this is why I do this' but you should know it was you who made your father smile. It was your presence and caring. Happy birthday, you've got a lot of wisdom for 30 years."

What is more, Schwarzenegger scrawled a handwritten note to the man's father, apparently with a stylus on a tablet, and posted it for the man to see. The note read:

"I am honored that my silly smile in Terminator made you smile, but I hope you find real joy and strength in what a wonderful child you have brought into the world and raised."

Many other Redditors also sent encouraging messages along to the man and his father. The response came back:

"Wow, thank you all for your kind responses. I shared this with my whole family including my dad's brothers. Everyone here, including Arnold have made a family very happy."

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