Arnold Schwarzenegger Dons Apron At 'The Tonight Show' With Jimmy Fallon

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It’s not every day that one gets to see The Terminator in an apron, but that’s just what Arnold Schwarzenegger did when he appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on March 24.

The 66-year-old actor dropped by the show to promote his new movie Sabotage, which opens in theaters on March 28. Fallon started with casually telling Schwarzenegger that he could have sworn he had seen the actor on QVC, the television network that specializes in home shopping.

Sabotage trailer

Schwarzenegger admitted it was a possibility. Though it sounds unusual, when he sees a product that he really loves, he wants get behind the product and be part of the action—selling it, marketing it, “the whole thing—that’s just me,” he said. At this point Fallon expressed a keen interest: enter the skit.

The skit was a spoof of a QVC show and was titled Now We're Cookin’ With Zach Striker, in which Fallon played the titular host and Schwarzenegger was a guest. The skit also featured a couple of the actor’s iconic movie lines. Fallon—as Zach—introduced the actor as “a renowned foodie” and a guy “who really knows his way around the kitchen—Arnold Schwarzenegger!”

“It’s good to be here, Zach,” said Schwarzenegger in greeting.

“What would you say if I told you that we have not one but two products here today?” Fallon said.

“I would say, ‘Wow!’ This is really incredible. What are they?” replied Schwarzenegger.

“Zach” answered that they had two: a blender and a vegetable chopper. Fallon started discussing the blender’s fine qualities, and how it is the perfect product to make milkshakes and other cold beverages: “you name it, that'll blend it.”

“We all know that it’s a blender, now let’s get to the chopper,” suggested Schwarzenegger—but Zach wasn't finished. He continued to rave about the blender’s “high-octane features.”

“We know what the blender does, but let’s get to the chopper,” insisted Schwarzenegger, looking quite impatient now.

Watch the skit

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