Arizona Senators: Legalizing Homophobia?

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In a so-called attempt to preserve the religious sanctity of Arizona businesses, lawmakers in the state passed legislation making it perfectly legal to boot someone out of your establishment for being gay. So long as you're really really really religious, it's perfectly fine.

Because nothing pisses off Jesus quite like giving homosexuals coffee.

Senators Adam Driggs, Steve Pierce and Bob Worsley, all of who initially voted for the bill, have had a serious change of heart.

Now they are practically begging Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to veto the measure. The bill was a mistake!

Said the trio in a letter, "While our sincere intent in voting for this bill was to create a shield for all citizens' religious liberties, the bill has instead been mischaracterized by its opponents as a sword for religious intolerance."

Even though they intended to pass a law making it perfectly legal for someone, in a display of blatant bigotry, to put a customer on the sidewalk for simply being gay...they were completely and utterly misunderstood and their bill's intent “mischaracterized.”

Of course this change of sentiment regarding the bill is about the potential harm caused to targeted citizens, right?

"These allegations are causing our state immeasurable harm."

Never mind, then. Potential harm to affected state citizens, their families, and children is completely irrelevant; what everyone really cares about is how Arizona comes out looking in all this. Gotcha, thanks.

In all seriousness, Arizona has good reason to be concerned as to how the state looks, considering this isn't the first time that unarguably bigoted laws have been passed by the state legislative body.

Those in support of the bill call it a response to “growing hostility against freedom” in the United States.

As Arizona lawmakers scramble to deal with the public backlash, one has to ask why is it that bigotry is always considered the standing pillar of freedom by some people?

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