Ariel Winter Sticks Up for Kim Kardashian Amidst Nude Photo Scandal

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Ariel Winter, star of Modern Family, is on Kim Kardashian's side of the Twitter war waged after she posted her nude picture online.

It was Monday, March 7 when the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star shared a nude selfie via Instagram.

"When you're like I have nothing to wear LOL," she captioned it.

The photo has set off a firestorm of social media comments--some in favor of and others dissing Kim Kardashian.

Ariel Winter is on the supportive side of the scandal.

Some Justin Bieber fans attacked Ariel Winter for her comment. She returned to Twitter to clarify her stance.

In addition to Ariel Winter, Sharon Osbourne came to Kim Kardashian's defense. Osbourne posted her own nude photo to show her solidarity.

Ariel Winter understands body shaming. She suffered for years before undergoing breast reduction surgery in recent months.

What's your take on people like Ariel Winter and Sharon Osbourne, who support Kim Kardashian's nude selfie post? What do you think of those who have spoken out against her?

Do you care one at all about either side?

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