Ariel Winter: "Modern Family" Star Rocks Sexy Curves in Post-Breast Reduction Surgery Pic

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Ariel Winter, one of the stars of ABC's Modern Family, attended a wedding this weekend alongside her boyfriend of two years, Laurent Claude Gaudette. Winter rocked some incredibly sexy curves at her cousin's nuptials and reception, as she posed for some of her first post-breast reduction surgery photos.

Dazzling in a skin-tight white, low-cut mini with spaghetti straps, Ariel Winter was drop-dead gorgeous beside her handsome beau.

"My Czech shmooey spending a weekend with us Greeks for the wedding 😉 ❤️?" she captioned this photo of the couple.

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It was just a couple of months ago that Ariel Winter confirmed she had undergone breast reduction surgery in June that took her from a size 32F to a much more comfortable 34D.

Not everyone understands the perils of having such large breasts. Not only is it emotionally painful for young women to bear the taunts and the stares that often accompany having large breasts, there is often significant pain that accompanies them, too. Severe back pain isn't uncommon in women with large breasts.

This picture of Ariel Winter at her cousin's wedding this weekend wasn't the first she posed for since the breast reduction surgery. She and Laurent Claude Gaudette were captured on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards last month, where she rocked a tight red gown.

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Ariel Winter must feel like she has a new lease on life since recovering from this surgery. She certainly is enjoying the new wardrobe options she is now afforded as a result.

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