Ariel Winter: Guardianship Case For ‘Modern Family’ Star Settled

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Modern Family star Ariel Winter will be living with her adult sister after a case regarding her guardianship was settled on Monday.

Shanelle Gray, Ariel’s sister, has been in a dispute with her mother Chrisoula Workman, over the Ariel's guardianship. The settlement was reached just before the trial begun for the 16-year-old’s guardianship.

Workman has agreed to settle and drop her objections over her daughter’s guardianship if Ariel agreed to watch a video montage of old family photos in court. Daniel Murphy, the Superior Court Judge, agreed to show the video and Ariel and her sister watched the montage of their childhood pictures while in an emotional state.

Ariel Winter was removed from her home in 2012 for allegedly being abused

Winter left the court without saying a thing. Ariel will continue living with Gray. Judge Murphy also said that it is up to Ariel if she wants to visit her mother or not.

In 2012, Gray was granted temporary guardianship over Ariel as Workman allegedly subjected her daughter to emotional and physical abuse. In an initial report, the child protective services concluded that there was evidence of emotional abuse, but evidence to support the alleged abuse were questionable. On Monday, Workman said, “I have never abused my daughter.”

Given the family’s current situation, Ariel’s father will be the one to control all her finances. He is also required to submit financial reports to court. In addition, he will also have jurisdiction over his daughter until she becomes of age.

After the settlement on Monday, Workman and Gray issued a statement saying that the “family has moved beyond the conflict.”

Ariel has been acting since the age of 7, and is more popularly known for playing the character Alex Dunphy on Modern Family. She is not the only actor in her family. Her brother, Jimmy Workman, appeared in The Addams Family films and portrayed the character of Pugsley Addams.

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