Ariana Grande: Why She and Jai Brooks Split

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Ariana Grande has one less 'Problem' these days and it seems it's Jai Brooks. She and the 19-year-old attempted a second chance at love starting in May and it ended with a colossal fail.

“Jai’s too immature for her,” a source says. “He was too self-involved also and yes, she’s a total workhorse. All she wants to do is make meaningful music, focus also on family and helping her mom and Nona get through her grandpa’s death.”

Young love and its accompanying disappointments are painful. It's likely even worse when one has to live out that heartbreak in the public eye. Fans expect their idols, like Ariana Grande, to smile and wave, and go on stage and sing as though they haven't a care in the world--when inside their heart is aching.

Ariana Grande posted a rather mysterious message about love on Twitter Monday.

It certainly seems like Ariana is ready to heal--both from the loss of her beloved grandfather and from her broken romance. She essentially called Jai out for his lack of support.

On the same day Ariana Grande poured her heart out in a tweet, Jai Brooks tweeted a short message, too.

It is reported that Jai Brooks simply wasn't there for Ariana Grande. He apparently didn't attend her grandfather's funeral and has been no support to her during her mourning period.

The former Sam & Cat star is undoubtedly learning that some guys simply don't know how to give. Jai Brooks wasn't around when Ariana Grande needed him most. Relationships need to be reciprocal and when that doesn't happen they simply don't work.

The young singer will certainly bounce back from her heartache--and hopefully soon. She has droves of fans who love and support her.

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