Ariana Grande Performs At Women Of Soul Event


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Ariana Grande's decision to get rid of her crazy hair color and go for a more natural look has proven to be beneficial to her. Not only does she seem more mature and confident, but it seems like she gets booked for more grown up gigs as well. She recently performed at the Women of Soul concert that was held at the White House on Thursday night, March 6.

While Grande could have chosen from a variety of songs to sing at the event, she chose to sing one of her idol's, Whitney Houston's I Have Nothing.

She didn't seem to be a bit nervous as she belted out the lyrics and greeted the president and first lady, who sit in the front row and genuinely seemed to enjoy Grande's performance. Before she began singing she took a minute to greet the couple and said, "What's up, how are 'ya? Good to see 'ya. Thank you for having me. I'm seriously excited."

Her casual greeting was followed by a brief explanation of why she had chosen the song and how influential Whitney Houston was to the young singer. Grande also sang one of her own songs, Tattooed Heart.

At only 20 years old, Grande has an amazing voice and a huge fan following. She found fame on Nickelodeon on the television show, Sam & Cat. Although her character seems like a bit of a ditz on the show, Grande seems to have it together and her music impressed everyone at the event as well as her fans.

What did you think of her performance at the event and how do you like her new look?

Image via YouTube