Are Success and a Personal Life Too Much to Ask?

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It's human nature to strive for success. However, it's also perfectly natural for people to want a personal life. Because professional and personal lives are both very time-consuming, finding a balance between the two is a very big challenge.

Can a person have both a personal life and success? Please share your thoughts.

In spite of all the opportunities that social media has created, its demands have tested the lives of many individuals involved in the space. Social media has popularized the notion of sharing everything, and mobile has done nothing but make the process easier by allowing for constant connectivity.

We've seen people such as Scott Stratten, Amber Naslund, Matt Inman, Chris Brogan, and others, all build successful brands for themselves merely through social media channels. As pioneers in the industry, many of these individuals got their start by constantly communicating with users.

One of the perks of social media is the ability to communicate with others on a personal level. The problem is that many individuals have now grown into Web celebrities, which makes it extremely difficult for them to maintain that same level of communication while also managing large workloads.

Matt Inman, known for his popular site The Oatmeal, is starting to realize this challenge. According to him, The Oatmeal is both successful and profitable, but on the other hand, his personal life is struggling. For example, his car insurance was recently terminated because his focus was on his work. There are some areas that he wants to maintain control of, but he admits that he does need help with other aspects.

"The content, the creativity, I feel, will always be mine. I always want to control that," he said.

Chris Brogan also offers a picture into what success really is in this video:

With this information in mind, one can't help but wonder if finding a balance is even possible. If this is true, would you be more apt to choose a personal life or success?

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