Are Banner Ads Still Working? [Infographic]

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Banner ads have been around for almost a decade. Their design is actually very intelligent; colorful and eye-catching the viewer is compelled to click on them to see where they lead. Well, as the saying goes, "I'm not gonna fall for that old trick". Could it be that we have learned to ignore these fantastically annoying and colorful ads?

Of course we have. Clicking on these ads has caused us all sorts of problems from taking over our screens with endless pop-ups to giving us a nasty virus. Besides, most of us are too busy to be distracted by endless product promotion. We are completely disillusioned with banner ads. But, are they totally useless to advertisers? Hell no, you can still get somebody if you're picking the right stuff.

If it's something new and different or something I already wanted to buy, but they can offer me a better deal on, I'm game. This next infographic from Prestigemarketing.Ca shows us the ins and outs of banner ads and most importantly, an array of things more likely to happen than any of us clicking on one of those pesky banner ads.

Take a look at what they came up with:

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