Archie Comic Books Shocker: Archie Dies?

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There are no secrets on the internet, and now a major Archie Comics spoiler has made its way to the web.

In the #36 issue of Life With Archie, beloved redhead Archie Andrews will be killed. The controversial comic issue is scheduled to arrive in stores on July 16.

CNN got the exclusive as to the details surrounding Archie's upcoming demise.

The series Life With Archie takes a look at the comic character's life beyond high school and college. This area of Archie's life is something that Archie Comics CEO Jon Goldwater said "has never really been explored."

Goldwater, who is the son of Archie creator John Goldwater, said that the series tends to deal with more "grown up" issues than Archie Andrews experienced in the past.

When it comes to ending the series and Archie's life, Goldwater said, "I think it's the natural conclusion."

All due respect to Goldwater, but there's a good chance that longtime Archie fans may not feel the same way about such a popular character being violently taken away from them.

Goldwater insists that the end of Archie's life is meant to be a reflection of "what he means to the world around him". Following the controversial events of #36, the comic book series will leap ahead a year in time and deal with the aftermath of Archie's death.

"What's Jughead doing? How are Betty and Veronica dealing with the loss? It's not about the attention-grab of the death but about telling a great, evocative story that reminds people why this character is important to the fabric of pop culture."

Goldwater said of fan reaction that the company expects "some level of shock, outrage and surprise", but he's optimistic this will be followed by "understanding" rather than a loss of fans.

After does one have an Archie comics series without Archie?

Goldwater has already admitted that they "will not be retconning, reversing or backtracking on this story in terms of Life With Archie."

If it's of any comfort to disheartened fans, the main story follows Archie as a teen, and will not be going anywhere anytime soon.

Though it may be a tad bit depressing to read about a hopeful teenager thinking his whole life is ahead of him and knowing how it ends. Talk about letdowns.

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