Apps Can Help You Positively Connect With Customers


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People love their apps. Studies show that 70% of mobile users have over ten apps. Some peole have over 50.

How can this benefit you as a business person? If you represent a company, over half of your customers are likely to have an app to do business with you. And if you don't have an app for them, you're going to be in the dark on this growing market segment.

App service impacts your brand. 72% of customers have a more positive view of a company if they have an app. 45% have an app because it's more convenient. And people won't forget how your app helped them. 81% of people use social media and word of mouth to spread their positive app experience.

And don't think you can rest once you get your app out there. It can always be improved. Connectivity to a live agent is the number one way to get people to use your app more often.