Apple's New Ads Paint the iPad Mini as a Complementary Device

Josh WolfordIT Management

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For doubters who would label Apple's iPad Mini as an unnecessary device, one that takes from an iPad and an iPod Touch and blends them into something that doesn't really exhibit the best of either - the company has a message for you:

The iPad Mini compliments the iPad - and you need both to get the true Apple tablet experience.

That's what drives two now iPad Mini ads that Apple has just unveiled. One looks at photos extending from the iPad to the iPad mini, and the other shows both devices accessing complimentary books.

"It's every inch an iPad," Apple continues to say when referencing the iPad Mini. These ads definitely keep focus on that message. Both tablets are doing the same things that users want in an iPad, only the iPad mini is doing them in a smaller package. With this type of ad campaign, Apple is attempting a delicate balancing act. They have to differentiate the iPad mini enough so that people will actually see the use in buying one. But they also have to make sure it still has the same appeal as the regular iPad. Different, but not too different.

Check out the latest ads, "Photos" and "Books."

Josh Wolford
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