Apple's iPhoto is Capturing the World

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The iPhoto available today from the App Store for $4.99 and the editing features look pretty amazing. Lots of tools to tweak your photos. iPhoto for iPad supports photos up to 19 megapixels. Also includes automatic comparison features and sharing to email, Flickr, Twitter, and more. It Includes gesture support, multi-touch editing and retouching, and photos can be transferred directly between devices.

A scrollable thumbnail framework lets users to sift through pictures in a snap in landscape or portrait mode. Users also have the power to compare multiple pictures side by side, select favorites, and hide so-so shots in one swipe.

Double-tapping an image on iPhoto automatically selects similar photos in the user's library. The new technology makes pictures easy to flag, mark, and find.

Apple claims that "there’s so much power built into iPhoto for iOS, you need to touch it to believe it. Using only your fingers, you can make a blue sky bluer. A landscape greener. Or a smile brighter. From the moment you touch the screen, the way you see things will never be the same."

IPhotomakes editing pictures easier than ever : simply touch the part of an image you want to change and drag it to make it a masterpiece. Users can crop out a distracting background, straighten crooked photos using automatic horizon detection, and adjust exposure, contrast, saturation, and more.

The Brush feature makes picture brighter or darker. The Repair tool erases blemishes, and the Soften brush is sure to win over the young at heart by smoothing hard lines and edges (no more wrinkles for Grandma).

The iPhone also feature a shareable photo journal where you can take pictures and add captions, maps, dates, and weather. iPhoto allows you to share photos from your iPad to your Mac:

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