Apple's iPad Event Is October 16

Josh WolfordIT Management

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It's been way too long, says Apple. It's really only been a year, but ok, we'll bite.

As rumored, Apple will hold their next big media event on October 16. Invites just went out, and as usual, it's not too forthcoming with the details.

You're most certainly going to see some new iPads, and possibly some new iMacs at next week's event.

Apple will unveil new iPads (thinner? larger?, and possibly some new iMacs with retina displays. Apple is also set to release OS X Yosemite to the public at large. OS X Yosemite has been in beta since Apple launched it in June at WWDC.

The only thing people love more than Apple events is speculating about Apple events – and you now have just over a week to place your bets. This event follows closely on the heels of Apple's iPhone 6 event, so it's clear that Apple wants to pump stores full of shiny new toys for the upcoming holiday shopping season.

Josh Wolford
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