Apple's @iBookStore Account Retweets Salty Tweet

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In what is most likely a case of the ol' personal vs. business Twitter account login switcheroo, Apple's official iBookstore Twitter account retweeted and then quickly removed a tweet containing an obscene phrase.

Early Monday morning, the official @iBookstore account retweeted a tweet that said "Let me suck a dick and tell you how much I love introspective novels."

The tweet, which was sent out to over 214,000 followers, was removed within minutes.

But not before some Twitter users had the chance to catch it. Apple's iBookstore account has not referenced the tweet since.

The tweets was originally sent out by Alison Agosti, a writer at Upright Citizens Brigade who sports over 228,000 followers herself.

Although the retweet mishap is pretty tame in the realm of NSFW social media mishaps, it just goes to show that employees who operate official business accounts need to make sure that they're logged into their personal accounts before retweeting off-color posts.

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