Apple Will Let You Play Around with Apple Watch for 15 Minutes

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In about three weeks, Apple will be refitting its various retail outlets to accommodate the Apple Watch, just ahead of its April 24th release date.

And according to 9to5 Mac, that will involve special Apple Watch tables with at least 10 "try-on" stations. Potential customers will be encouraged to schedule an appointment to go hands-on with the new device, at which point they'll be guided through the Apple Watch experience by an Apple Store employee.

According to the report, you'll have 15 minutes with the watch.

Is that enough time to discover whether or not the Apple Watch is right for you? I mean, I've spent longer picking out beer at the liquor store.

All kidding aside, Apple is really going all out to prepare for what it feels will be a good amount of people coming in to either try or buy the Apple Watch. And a time limit is necessary, as you have to imagine that a large majority of people will be coming in just to play around with no intention of buying (the Brookstone effect). Apparently, the stores will kind of split teams into four groups, with some handling customers of the cheaper (relatively speaking, of course) Apple Watch Sport and basic editions.

And then there's the high rollers, whom will be given extra special attention.

From 9to5 Mac:

Finally, a special fourth group of employees will be dedicated to assisting buyers of the gold Apple Watch Edition models. This group of employees will be made up of “Experts,” Apple Store employees who have worked at the company for an extensive period of time and have completed extra customer service training. A pair of “Experts” from each Apple Store in the Apple Watch launch countries were taught additional sales methods and customer service techniques for the Apple Watch Edition...

Makes sense. I mean, we're talking about $17,000 watches here.

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