Apple Watch Stars in Most Satisfying 'Will It Blend' Yet

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For about a decade, Blendtec founder Tom Dickson has satisfied his urge to destroy something beautiful by placing expensive things inside one of his blenders and pulverizing them. This exercise, which has been performed for products dating as far back as the original iPod all the way through every generation of the iPhone, has also satisfied his urge to sell blenders – or at least get some positive PR.

Yeah, the Will It Blend? series is a giant commercial. Duh. But it's also a series in which you get to watch Apple products get ground up into black dust. So it certainly has a lot going for it.

I probably haven't watched a Will It Blend? in a while – but for some reason the thought of watching Dickson destroy an Apple Watch was intriguing. More so than the thought of other devices.

Don't you want to watch a perfectly good Apple Watch get shredded to pieces? I'm not disappointed in my choice.

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