Apple Vs. Proview: Hong Kong Court Dismisses Some of Proview's Evidence

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Apple has scored a significant victory in its ongoing legal battle with Proview. A Hong Kong judge has excluded some of the evidence filed by Proview in the case.

According to Shanghai Daily, Proview had submitted reports from two experts, but did not follow the court's instructions in doing so, making the reports inadmissable. Proview chairman Sun Min told Shanghai Daily that his company had not yet decided whether it would appeal the ruling.

Proview has suffered a string of setbacks in its crusade against Apple in recent weeks. The company's suit in America was tossed out by a U.S. District Court judge earlier this month. Later we learned that the company had rejected a $16 million settlement offer from Apple, likely because the offer did not make a sufficiently large dent in the $400 million Proview owes its creditors.

In 2010 Apple purchased the "iPad" trademark from Proview via a shell company. In 2011, Proview took steps to block the sale of iPads in China, claiming it still owned the trademark. Apple filed suit, accusing Proview of attempting to get more money from a trademark it had already sold.