Apple TV Might Be Updated Next Week Alongside The iOS 7 Rollout [Rumor]


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Yesterday's Apple event was a little on the skimpy side. The company showed off two new iPhones - the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C - but it didn't really announce anything new beyond that. Well, now it looks like Apple skipped out on announcing some Apple TV news.

All Things D reports that Apple TV will be receiving an overhaul of its software on September 18. You may recall from yesterday that September 18 is the same day as the launch of iOS 7. The timing makes sense as Apple would want to update all devices that run iOS on that day.

So, what does this rumored Apple TV overhaul entail? There's not a lot of details at the moment, but the current rumors state that Apple's streaming device will have its AirPlay feature updated to play content not associated with it. In other words, a person can play content they do own from their iPhone or iPad on an Apple TV they don't own. That particular update should bring Apple TV more in line with Google's new Chromecast in allowing more user freedom to play what they want.

Beyond the above information, we know absolutely nothing else about the rumored Apple TV update. I would wager, however, that we might see a UI overhaul to go along with iOS 7's major UI overhaul. Apple might even add iTunes Radio to the services on Apple TV for those who like to jam out to music on their televisions.

For more Apple TV news, we might have to wait until October. It's rumored that Apple will unveil the next iPad and iPad Mini at an event next month, and a new Apple TV might be along for the ride. The company released a revision of its latest Apple TV earlier this year, but the changes were so minimal that it might make sense for them to release a proper hardware update soon.

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