Apple Store Down Ahead of iPhone 5 Event

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Hackers? Cyber Warfare? Is it the guy who keeps messing with GoDaddy? The Apple Store is down, folks - and that can only mean one thing.

New product announcement.

We've been here before and we know the drill. The Apple Store always goes down right before a big product launch. Of course, today's event is set to unveil the new iPhone 5 (and maybe some other goodies). We expect that Apple will launch a new device that sports a larger screen, a mini dock connector, LTE capabilities, and more.

Some analysts are predicting big things for the iPhone 5. One specific prediction is that the new phone could sell up to 10 million units in its first week on the market.

But for now, the Apple Store is down which means Apple is preparing to add new inventory. With this product announcement, Apple has unveiled rotating "We'll be right back" messages that display in a few dozen languages.

We'll be covering the event as it happens, starting at 1 pm ET. If you still need some rumors to whet your appetite, check out our iPhone 5 page.

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