Apple Set to Overhaul its Online Store

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Apple has started making education consumers aware that it plans to retool and relaunch its online store in the near future, according to AppleInsider. Apple posted a notice at the top of those Apple online stores that cater to kindergarten through 12th grade educational institutions yesterday, in hopes of making shopping a little easier. Consumers are greeted with a message about "the new Apple Store."

Apple store banner

The note reads, "Apple is launching a new online store, which is your tool to shop and place orders with Apple. Proposal creation, order status, and a dramatically simplified user interface will make it easier to do business with Apple — all in a secure and reliable environment."

At present, it would appear that any coming changes will relate to Apple's specialty stores, like those designed for schools. Still, the modifications could be indicative that Apple plans to overhaul its entire online storefront. The note also points out that educators should "get ready" for the changes, and that they will be "easy," adding that "Your current Apple ID and password will continue to work - In the coming weeks, you will receive more information about the store's features, benefits, and launch date."

Instead of completely redoing its online store, Apple has made incremental changes over the years, adding new features piece by piece.

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