Apple Sues Samsung (Again) To Halt Sales In Germany


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Whew. 2012 arrived and there was a brief concern that Apple and Samsung might drop their 2011 pastime of suing each other in as many countries as possibly. Lucky for, uh, I guess people who could win lawsuits, they have not resolved to cease their legal battles this year.

Bloomberg reports today that Apple has filed yet another lawsuit in Germany, this time seeking to ban sales of multiple Samsung devices. The design suit, which focuses on Samsung smartphones such as Galaxy S Plus and the S II, alleges that the models violate Apple's design rights. As if the fun should stop there - and why should it - Apple filed a separate lawsuit against five Samsung tablets. The Bloomberg report continues:

Last month, the Dusseldorf court said it is unlikely to grant an injunction against the Galaxy 10.1N and an appeals court also voiced doubts about the reach of Apple’s European Union design right that won the company the injunction against the Galaxy 10.1. The new suits aren’t filed under emergency proceedings and allow Apple a new procedure against both models.

The end of last year was witness to an international back-and-forth court room dispute between Samsung and Apple that played out in courts in the United States, Germany and Australia. No word yet on where they plan to take their Patent Lawsuit World Tour next.

To be fair, though, not all of this design war is futile act of hair-splitting. At the beginning of this year, you may recall the debut of the Samsung Ace, which was a might familiar looking if you're an Apple fanboy.