Apple No Longer Hiding Samsung Statement On Its UK Site

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Apple's Samsung statement has been the subject of repeated court rulings and Internet mockery. Its the latter that may have changed Apple's statement once again.

CNET is reporting that users on Reddit and Hacker News both pointed out that Apple was hiding its Samsung statement below the fold, if you will, on its UK Web site. Users visiting the site would have to scroll down to see the statement and a link to the apology. After pointing this out, Apple seems to nulled the code that was hiding the statement.

When visiting Apple's UK site, users will now see the site in its entirety, including the statement:

Apple No Longer Hiding Apology On Its UK Site

CNET found that the code originally used to hide the bottom half of the site is still there. Apple merely inserted a stopper to keep the code from being called when the page loads up. The change could have been due to Apple deciding to change the design of its Web site, but others are taking it as preemptive action to prevent any further court orders.

The current statement in regards to Samsung is set to run on Apple's UK site until sometime in December. The company has also been printing the statement in newspapers and magazines across the country. Apple originally published a passive-aggressive statement, but a court order forced Apple to replace it with the statement you see now.